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Whether it is a restaurant, hotel, motel, hospital, nursing home, school, university, or processing plant, we can design and tailor your equipement and chemical program requirements to meet your cleaning and sanitation needs.

Who We Are

Sani Clean is based out of Vaughan, Ontario. We are proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated! The company was formed by a team whose members shared a vision which identified the need for value added partnerships and programs to support our customers’ needs. We believe that a chemical supplier must put customers and their needs first. Our goal is to work with our customers and suppliers so we can all be winners

Sani Clean provides the highest quality products and services to our customers. We are known in the industry for providing excellent, dependable and quick-response service. We take pride in the leveraging our extensive and detailed knowledge of the ware washing and laundry industry to our customers. Our products and systems are backed by our unprecedented WHMIS and Safe Handling Training Program.

At Sani Clean, we continue to source out Canadian Manufacturers as our suppliers to provide our customers with the best possible products at the right price.

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We believe that all of our customers should receive top of the line training. We also believe that when you buy a product it is useless until you know how to use it. Sani Clean prides itself on offering service after the sale.

  • Training Works for many reasons
  • Training enables companies to stay abreast of trands
  • Training opens the mind to new ideas and concepts
  • Training attracts personnel
  • Training is important in employee retention
  • Training helps change people’s behavior
  • Training increases morale
  • Training increases quality
  • Training increases commitment

At Sani Clean, we realize that the sanitation industry goals have changed. Today sanitation is for health and safety, not just appearance. Sani Clean can assist you in developing your sanitation, laundry and warewash training programs.

We will work with you to design a customized training program that emphasizes:

  • Training for the correct application of the product
  • Training for safety
  • Training before bad habits begin
  • Training correct procedures not just products
  • Training to increase productivity
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Our commitment to quick responses for emergency calls means a quick solution to your problem. Total Service. Total Satisfaction. Guaranteed!

Our Services are designed for each customer’s specific needs.

Few companies our size can match the level of service and experience we provide. At the forefront of this effort is our Customer Service department.

We have more representatives covering smaller territories than anyone in our industry. This allows us to see you more often and assures your equipment is kept tuned to run at peak efficiency, and allows us to better train employees and monitor your operations overall efficiency.

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One Stop: Sales, Service & Training

A customer is the most imporatant person in our business. A customer is not dependant on us we are dependent on him. A customer is not an interruption of our work he is the purpose of it. We are not doing a customer a favor by serving him, he is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so.

At Sani Clean, we understand that high quality products are not the only criteria for implementing successful Warewash and Laundry programs. Trained and qualified staff is also critical in guaranteeing the most effective and consistent system performance as well as helping keep costs in check.

As part of our quality service & support guarantee, customized staff training for both Warewash and Laundry is provided by our Client Services teams who, in consultation with you, will design programs to fit every employee skill level. Our training programs are designed to make the process more effective and deliver the best results possible consistently.

By providing product, system and machine knowledge to your staff, we ensure consistent and proper use for longer machine and product lifespan, reduced waste and enhanced workplace safety and performance.

WHMIS training is a standard part of our staff training programs and is provided initially when client service begins, periodically for new staff and refresher courses are offered upon request by the client. We can also work with you to customize WHMIS training schedules, for example bi-annually, to ensure your facility meets regulatory requirements for staff.

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