We like to make sure all of our clients are educated when it comes to our products. Product and/or machine knowledge will ensure safety and quality when it comes to using our wonderful products.

After the sale

We believe that all of our customers should receive top of the line training. We also believe that when you buy a product it is useless until you know how to use it. Sani Clean prides itself on offering service after the sale.

  • Training Works for many reasons
  • Training enables companies to stay abreast of trands
  • Training opens the mind to new ideas and concepts
  • Training attracts personnel
  • Training is important in employee retention
  • Training helps change people‚Äôs behavior
  • Training increases morale
  • Training increases quality
  • Training increases commitment

Health and safety

At Sani Clean, we realize that the sanitation industry goals have changed. Today sanitation is for health and safety, not just appearance. Sani Clean can assist you in developing your sanitation, laundry and warewash training programs.

We will work with you to design a customized training program that emphasizes:
  • Training for the correct application of the product
  • Training for safety
  • Training before bad habits begin
  • Training correct procedures not just products
  • Training to increase productivity

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